Listening Tips
Listening to FusionGroovin couldn’t be easier! Simply click any of the "Play Radio" links located throughout the site to launch the station. As FusionGroovin is part of Live365, you’ll immediately be connected with their streaming servers. But as easy as it is, here are some tips for making the experience a great one:

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Best MP3 players for FusionGroovin:        Windows               Mac

First time listeners
When Live365’s listening wizard pops up, it will first ask you for your internet connection speed. FusionGroovin is broadcast in "MP3Pro" sound, which requires a high speed connection. If you don’t have one, sorry, there’s trouble brewing. The wizard will then ask you to choose an MP3 player. For PCs or Macs, Live365’s own player is outstanding. Here’s why we recommend it:

1. It’s optimized to stream music from Live365’s servers, and to do ONLY that, so it’s rock solid.
2. It installs painlessly in under a minute.
3. It allows you to vote on the songs.


Yes, voting thumbs up or down on songs allows you to directly control what FusionGroovin plays on the station. The voting helps create a kind of Nielsen ratings on steroids, the kind of feedback a terrestrial radio station would drool over. So when it’s time to maintain the playlists, your ratings have a huge effect. The Stones wanted Shelter -- at FusionGroovin we say, Gimme Feedback.

But to really do it right, you’ll want to become a Preferred Listener...

Preferred Listeners

After a while, like terrestrial radio, you may begin to wish there were fewer commercials. But hey, Live365’s got to pay for all those terabytes and the people to run them, so the money’s got to come in somehow. Fortunately, Live365 has an easy solution that will make everyone happy...

  Sign up to become a Preferred Listener!

Why sign up? Let’s count the reasons:

1. The commercials disappear entirely -- that’s what you’re talkin’ ’bout!
2. You get the best sound quality.
3. You can get Live365’s premium desktop player for free, which is filled with great features.
4. You're guaranteed to be able to listen to the station. That’s right, if the station is particularly busy at any time, Live365 ’shuts the doors’ to additional regular listeners. But Preferred Listeners carry a "backstage pass" that’s good any time.
5. You support FusionGroovin. Live365 has a "revenue sharing" plan that awards some (well ok, a tiny fraction) of your money to the stations having the most Preferred Listeners. So the station’s fees to Live365 go down, which lets us purchase more music for the station.
6. Packages start as low as $4.95 a month -- probably less than today’s lunch!

Click here to sign up now. You’ll be glad you did.  

Click here to listen to FusionGroovin

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